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Hi loves! I trust that everyone had a good week. I had one that was half - and half. It really turned around when I started letting positive thinking in, mainly through being aware of my thoughts and not letting negative thoughts fester. 

Today's post is another one that has been due for a while, I think it was over a month since I have visited this restaurant. Fortunately I have a good long term memory. I can honestly say that I have been a pro at procrastinating, but in the same spirit of thinking positive,  I have also adopted the spirit to completing tasks. 

Anyway, this is a food review blog, so let's get into the good stuff (sidebar: my phone frequently auto corrects good with food - it's such a delight).

PS: Askies (sorry) for the images that are not rotated. 

PRIMI is an Italian inspired chain that offers both traditional and modern dishes. 


Food: I was ravenous on this day, so it was no surprise that I would order a starter. My starter was chili poppers, and wow I must say that these were chill poppers to remember. i think that instead of jalapenos, they use pepperdews. This was welcomed by my taste buds! They were juicy and flavourful. My mains were some delicious prawn pasta, which was creamy and the garlic and chili gave it that needed bite. I was a bit disappointed when the waiter advised me to up-size my pasta, but the prawn portion was not up-sized as well. I ended up having a mountain of pasta with a tiny and countable amount of prawns. Prawn to pasta ratio was not great, but the quality of the meal made up for it. My boyfriend, bless him, ordered a steak - again and as always. He asked for it to be done medium - well, but it arrived a bit underdone to his liking. The waiter was happy to return it and bring it back more grilled. Hereafter, my boyfriend thoroughly enjoyed his steak and side veg. Oh and drinks, my boyfriend stuck to his Jameson and I went for gin which I thought was somewhat weak.

Service: the waiter was friendly and didn't mind that we moved seats after some time (I needed to charge my phone - yikes when is it not dead/low). They were also really understanding when we returned the steak. So overall 10/10 for service. 

Decor: The decor was the standard decor, but this one has a kids play area. How nice is that?! And the bar looked very inviting as well - wink, wink.

So that's it from The Unsponsored Foodie.
Until next time. Have a food weekend (that was not an auto correct)!

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