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Hey fellow foodies, I hope you are having a good start to the week and that the weekend was as good as mine!

This past weekend was an absolute whirl, where I experienced some life changing events. These events left me with very little appetite for the weekend, and even as I am typing this I realize how little feel I've had for food over the past few days.

Anyway, a girl's got to eat, regardless. I decided to give Mondiall a go. I first heard of the restaurant via Daddy's Deals and GroupOn (when they were still available in SA), but never thought to give them a try. In all honesty I wasn't blown away by the restaurant. Their decor was above standard, but the food and service lacked. 

Mondiall is located at the Alfred Mall at the V & A Waterfront, so do pop in for an amazing view of the harbour and passersby. 


Food: Apart from my appetite escaping me, I was very disappointed with the food. The quality was not all bad, so it was difficult to pin point what was wrong with the taste. I found that the fish I had was very fresh. My boyfriend (or shall I now say fiance - yup that's the life changing event) opted for his steak as usual. The Pina Colada I has was a bit off in some ways. There were lumps that resembled sour milk in it. I did like that they used coconut water as a base for it though.

Service: We were greeted by a warm smile at the entrance and the waitress was very friendly too. She wasn't present all the time, or visible rather. So getting help from her when needed was a bit difficult.

Decor: I loved Mediterranean decor. It was so calming and added to the vibe at the restaurant. 

I am not sure if I will visit here again, the entire experience rates 5/10.

Until the next time, much love, your unsponsored foodie, Ivanna. 

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