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Hi loves, hope you all had a lovely weekend! I know that I did (I got to see a friend wed the love of his life!). 

A while ago a friend and colleague visited Cape Town and I was lucky enough that she chose me to hang out with during her free time, I felt like the chosen one (no, really I did!). I decided that I'd take her to go see the beach in Camps Bay and that we'll settle for drinks after our stroll. For the drinks I was definitely set on a place with a sea view, and I found that Melissa's was perfect for this. They had a sea view with glass shutters so that the wind doesn't blast you or drone out the sound of the sea too much. 


Food: The food was absolutely perfect. This was my first time dining at Melissa's and I was really happy with the entire experience. My friend and I both had the muscles - in fact our entire meals were same since we both ordered gin fizz. can I just say that the gin fizz was the highlight of my meal here. It was so refreshing and smooth, with just the right amount of naartjie to add flavour. 

In my personal opinion, the muscles were a bit salty - but this may be because I have a very low tolerance for salt.  They were still good though and was served with the most delicious freshly baked bread with garlic butter. We were also served bread before the meal - which was also delicious. 

Service: It was an absolutely pleasant service experience, the staff was friendly and the food serving time was swift. 

Decor:  I loved the decor, and Melissa's even has a gift shop in the restaurant. They had burning candles in the bathroom and beautiful monochrome tiles and paintings. 

Overall: Melissa's Mantra Cafe gets a good 8/10 overall. I will definitely be back for more of that gin fizz!

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