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Hey food lovers, I trust you are all doing fantastic! 

I know it's been a while (and I know that I always say this), but The Unsponsored (yoh, this is also not a real word) Foodie is back and I promise to not be away for so long. In fact, there will be more posts to look forward to this week,  I've been eating - and drinking, so sit tight and enjoy!

This past weekend myself and Rae went on a photo walk in Cape Town CBD, starting in Bree street. Bree is one of my favourite new hangout spots in the CBD as most of the establishments are new and the street offers an assortment of eateries. There are also so many museums found in Bree and I love Bree's People! As always, Cape Town weather was confusing, surprise - surprise and I guess, the weather prompted us to grab a bite. I kid, everything prompts us to have a bite. 

We walked north of Bree until we stumbled upon The Crazy Horse. It was my first time seeing it during the day (I spotted it at First Thursdays when it had a pub vibe) and was keen to give it a go because of the pretty checkerboard floors and leather booths. Once we got in, we spent most of our time taking photos, it was a photo walk, right?...and the restaurant (which looked like an old Victorian house) was we went crazy...


Food: This was the fastest I've ever decided on what to order, because I was so distracted by the decor and taking photos. I changed my mind on the burger I had initially ordered - health reasons - and went for the fish and chips instead. I must admit that I am always skeptical of ordering fish or seafood at establishments that don't specialize in them, but I was pleased by the flavour and freshness of the hake they brought me. The portion seemed small due to the plating and presentation, but it was surprisingly filling. They served their fish, and I assume all meals, with  matchstick fries. These were delicious and had just the right amount of salt. Overall the food was fair for what is a watering hole at night. 

Service: We went when they were busy with small renovations. Imagine the sound of drills and grinders, then imagine trying to have conversation over all that noise. The waiter was happy to move us upstairs where the sound was muffled. This was sweet of him since I didn't even notice that there was another level. The waiter was ready to take our orders and didn't mind us moving things around for our photos.

Decor: I think the first thing that drew our attention was the checkerboard floors and the old Victorian furniture. When we moved upstairs, there were so many paintings on the wall, including "The Crazy Horse" and the decor had some modern elements added to it. The lighting and the emerald walls worked so well to remind one that The Crazy horse serves as both an eatery and a pub. 

Overall: I think the establishment might be new (I am assuming, because it is a recent listing on Zomato), but The Crazy Horse have done well to create a charming establishment and I can only imagine the buzz created at night. I will return for the latter, see you soon Crazy Horse! 8/10

Thank you for reading, and look out for new posts coming this week. XO Ivy

The Crazy Horse  Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato
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