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Hi foodies, I hope you are all doing fantastic! One of the best 'food' holidays have already passed with the first quarter of the year, aka Easter and I hope you all had plenty of chocolate, pickled fish (my mom froze some for me while I was away) and hot cross buns! 

I am working in the Cape Town CBD today and if you have read any of my other posts you will know how much I love the CBD. Today's eatery in particular is nestled in the quieter part of the CBD. Lekker naby die landdros hof! So obviously I am enjoying some monochrome and grey outfits (even I am dressed to fit the culture).

This is a short one(and the pictures were taken with my iPhone - wack), but I thought I would write about it since I have always wanted to try Bread, Milk and Honey. I first saw them on Groupon and then many times in passing. Now I finally get the chance to try them and enjoy what they have to offer. 


Food: When I saw the menu, I thought sh*& this is expensive for a brekkie! French toast was R52 and the wording read "A SLICE of french toast", again I thought hell naw. Luckily I don't get put off easily, so I went for it, and even added two poached eggs. I was so happy when my food arrived, the eggs were just there for decoration, because the toast SLICES - yup plural - were huge! On a taste scale, it was heaven on the tastebuds. I loved how the cheese and maple syrup complemented each other (see me raving about it on my IG story, here), everything just worked together. They also have a decent selection of coffee and tea, my favourite after one try is the forest berries tea leaves. The teapot gave me so many cups, probably 4 full ones, and it was only R27. Yummy.  

Service: The waiters were so patient with me shame. They came to check on me every 5 minutes to see if I was ready to order, and each time I just had a glass of water (also, shot guys for bringing me tap water - most places brings patrons bottled water and charge an arm and leg). For the rest of the time I was here, they could see that I was busy and they left me to do my thing in peace. Dankie. 

Decor: The food, tea and decor combined reminds me of my other favourite, Loaves on Long. The decor was typical to a fast casual cafe type, with an assortment of tables, I think the largest table can accommodate 10 people.  

Overall: Bread, Milk and Honey gets an 8/10 from me. I really loved chilling here. Places like these makes me wish that I lived closer to the CBD. See you soon Bread, Milk and Honey!

Until we eat again X.O. Ivy
Bread Milk & Honey Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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